Sustainable Supply Chain – AT&S Explains

29. July 2021

Welcome to the final blog post about the four strategic fields of action of sustainability at AT&S. From Environment & Resources, Sustainable Innovation and Employees & Society, we now shift our focus to “Sustainable Supply Chain”. The many aspects AT&S considers and the initiatives we take aim to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals…

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High-tech to combat bee mortality

20. July 2021

By Markus Kessler For years, life as a bee has no longer been a honey pot, because environmental toxins, climate change, monocultures, and pests are putting pressure on the colonies of the social insects. A whole series of start-ups have set themselves the goal of making the lives of honey collectors and their keepers easier…

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Gottfried Egger – the luminous IT specialist

25. June 2021

Have you ever thought about the people behind the sheer amount of technology we use? Meet Gottfried Egger.

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Innovative microelectronics “Made in Europe”

17. June 2021

AT&S participates in the EU investment program to build a competitive microelectronics industry in Europe and contributes to climate protection with innovative interconnection technologies. Whether in a laptop, smartphone or tablet, in video conferences or in driver assistance systems and electric drives: Microelectronic components have played a decisive and indispensable role in our daily lives.…

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