Jeffrey Reyes – The Man who thinks Outside the Box

29. April 2021

“Big challenges require bold actions,” says Jeffrey Reyes, Cluster Engineer extraordinaire here at AT&S. Read more about the man who climbed the career ladder horizontally, and grabbed every opportunity that came his way.

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How digitalization is revolutionizing our supermarkets

22. April 2021

Supermarkets are still the biggest innovation in the food retail industry in decades. Now, digitalization is taking it to the next level.

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The virtual world becomes reality in the pandemic

16. April 2021

With Home Office, Distance Learning and Virtual After Work Acitivites, life in the virtual world has caught up with us. Virtual Reality has been a reality for a long time – but it has never been as real as it has since Corona.

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Christopher Hermann - EInsatz, Freiheit, Asien

Commitment, Freedom and Asia – Christopher Hermann

24. April 2020

Christopher Hermann, BU AIM Manager at AT&S, looks back on a fast carreer at our company – learn more in this blog article!

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Marco Gavagnin - Futurist aus Leidenschaft

A futurist in his dream job – Marco Gavagnin

24. April 2020

Marco Gavagnin is thoroughly scientist. He studied chemistry and shapes AT&S as a technology forecast expert: “My job is a dream job!”

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Künstliche Intelligenz und Smart Mobility

When artificial intelligence drives the car

24. April 2020

Wondering how artificial intelligence enables the future of mobility? Read all about driving automation and how AT&S contributes.

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A potent patentee and a star in R&D – Hannes Stahr

12. April 2021

The first AT&S patent was filed on November 7th, 1989. By whom? Hannes Stahr, of course -our potent patentee and star in R&D. Read more here!

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Semiconductor Superstar – Rozalia Beica

1. April 2021

Rozalia Beica is known in many circles for her unrivalled drive, strong work ethic and impressive resume. In the semiconductor and Advanced Packaging community, she is a well-known and respected expert – what you might call a superstar. After pursuing a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara…

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Strategic Fields, Environment and Resources – AT&S Explains

29. March 2021

We started with a brief introduction to sustainability strategies as a whole, then an overview over the four strategic fields of action that make up the AT&S sustainability strategy. Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dig in deep. Today’s topic, as mentioned in our last sustainability post, is our first strategic field of action: Environment & Resources.

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Audits – but make it virtual!

17. March 2021

Worldwide lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the Corona pandemic have severely restricted or rendered important corporate processes and activities virtually impossible over the past year. Audits are no exception in this context. For many industries, however, audits are necessary in order to ramp up new production lines, because they serve not only to ensure…

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Anke Steinberger – The woman who wants to do more

11. March 2021

“I am the kind of person who always wants more,” says Anke Steinberger about her personal success story at AT&S. Read more here!

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A Digital Energy Twin for greater efficiency

4. March 2021

AT&S is constantly working on the future and on improving efficiency in all aspects. Of course, digitalization is never far from innovative projects at our company and is used to increase optimization in a variety of areas to achieve goals such as improving our energy efficiency. This is where the well-known principle of the so-called…

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Strategic Sustainability: Action Fields – AT&S explains

24. February 2021

The other week, we started telling you about the AT&S sustainability strategy and tried explaining the intricacies of it all. Of course, we essentially only dipped a tentative toe into the water – there is much much more to talk about and explain when it comes to sustainability at AT&S. Today, we would like to delve a little deeper and begin to explain the four strategic fields of our strategy.

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What does “sustainability strategy” mean? – AT&S explains

11. February 2021

In recent years, more and more companies have begun to develop sustainability strategies to incorporate social and ecological goals into corporate activities. But what exactly is a sustainability strategy? Let us offer you a little explanation by showing you how it is done at AT&S.

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