What does “sustainability strategy” mean? – AT&S explains

11. February 2021

In recent years, more and more companies have begun to develop sustainability strategies to incorporate social and ecological goals into corporate activities. But what exactly is a sustainability strategy? Let us offer you a little explanation by showing you how it is done at AT&S.

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Petri Helin’s All-Inclusive Delivery Service

3. February 2021

Petri Helin likes to have the overview first and then work his way through the details. He is even happier when he has someone to keep an eye on the details for him. At AT&S, Helin is laying the foundations for systematic digitization with typical Finnish calm. In this interview, he tells us about how he joined us almost a year ago and who he is.

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New wearables – new standards

1. February 2021

Wearables have definitely arrived in our everyday lives. They are smart bridge builders between lifestyle gadgets and health assistants. Becoming ever smaller, they are inconspicuously integrated in our lives and suspiciously often contain AT&S components. Just like the new Fauna audio glasses made by the Graz-based start-up Usound.

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Christopher Hermann - EInsatz, Freiheit, Asien

Commitment, Freedom and Asia – Christopher Hermann

24. April 2020

Christopher Hermann, BU AIM Manager at AT&S, looks back on a fast carreer at our company – learn more in this blog article!

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Marco Gavagnin - Futurist aus Leidenschaft

A futurist in his dream job – Marco Gavagnin

24. April 2020

Marco Gavagnin is thoroughly scientist. He studied chemistry and shapes AT&S as a technology forecast expert: “My job is a dream job!”

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Künstliche Intelligenz und Smart Mobility

When artificial intelligence drives the car

24. April 2020

Wondering how artificial intelligence enables the future of mobility? Read all about driving automation and how AT&S contributes.

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Progress of e-mobility puts high demands on development

27. January 2021

Four out of ten new bicycles are e-bikes, with a steep upward trend. Electromobility has long become part of everyday life, although it will still take quite some time for cars. With leading-edge innovations, AT&S contributes to increasing the efficiency of electric drive systems.   In the transformation of our mobility the signs clearly point…

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Challenge accepted! – Ulrike Klein

21. January 2021

Ulrike Klein loves a good challenge. She is passionate about inspiring others and once she has set her mind to something, nothing can stop her. No matter whether or not others think that is possible. She grew up at the edge of the German lignite open pit mining area of Inden in North Rhine Westphalia.…

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New life at the edge of the cloud

14. January 2021

Covid-19 with its associated issues of teleworking, distance learning and endless Zoom meetings has shown that our digital life has long been taking place in the “cloud”. However, gigantic data processing centers have a disadvantage: data transmission takes too long for new applications such as online gaming, smart devices, the Internet of Things, drones or…

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When refrigerators argue with toasters

4. December 2020

In 2030, 500 billion devices worldwide will be connected to the Internet, according to estimates. In addition to cars, smartphones and tablets, they will also include fitness trackers, refrigerators and maybe even food with connected labels. For this vision of a connected future to become reality, it must be ensured that different devices don’t get…

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Weather research with high-tech support

25. November 2020

The question of a white Christmas preoccupies meteorologists year after year. High-performance computers enable precise climate simulations that are used for weather forecasting.

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Finding the virus: high-tech printed circuit boards for new corona tests

18. November 2020

There are different ways to prove that someone has been infected with the coronavirus. Currently, three methods are predominantly used. However, researchers are already working on new procedures in laboratories which should enable faster results or easier delivery. AT&S printed circuit boards play an important role in these processes. The two methods mainly used at…

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Supercomputers search for corona medication

11. November 2020

Modern high-performance computers allow researchers to forge new paths in the development of new drugs and vaccines or to model the spread of epidemics. In the analysis of genetic data, whose significance is growing steadily in medical research, supercomputers also play a vital role. Some of the world’s most powerful computers are currently working to…

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When your undershirt measures your blood sugar level

1. November 2020

Thanks to flexible electronics and progress in sensor technology, clothing can carry out medical tasks.

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